The Government of Kerala constituted Local Government Commission to guide the institutionalisation process of Decentralisation in Kerala

Local Self Government Department – Reconstitution of Local Government Commission to guide the institutionalization process of decentralisation in Kerala

            Government had set up a Local Government Commission to guide Decentralistion process in Kerala.  Government appointed Dr. C. P. Vinod as the new Chairman of the Commission, as the term of the previous Commission expired on 10th May, 2016.
The Government is now addressing the conduct of 2nd phase of the People’s Plan Campaign in the state through Local Self Government Department.  Hence the Local Government Commission has to act an important role in the campaign.  
In these circumstances, Government hereby order rejuvenating and reconstituting the Local Government Commission with retrospective effect from 29/07/2016 for three years with the following composition to guide the institutionalization process of decentralization in the State.

Composition of the Commission

  1. One Senior Professional having experience and expertise in matters relating to decentralization and Local Governments as Chairperson.
  2. Principal Secretary, Local Self Government Department as the Member Secretary.

Terms of reference: 
The Mandates of the Commission are;-

  1. To advise the Local Self Government Department in regard to the conduct of the People’s Plan Campaign phase II and to create a knowledge hub within LSGD through broader network of academic institutions, organizations, political leaders, NGOs and other Local Government Practitioners and experts in the field in order to achieve the stated objectives of the Plan Campaign;
  2. To help the Local Self Government Department to revise the Panchayat Raj and allied Acts and Rules with an objective to streamline and institutionalize Local Self Government system on the basis of the recommendation made by the previous Commissions and Committees and also in the light of practical experiences within the administrative system in the Local Self Government Department;
  3. To arrange for resolution of disputes and conflicts involving the local Governments, citizens, establishments, firms and other stake holders through ‘adalats’ to assist the Local Governments in the resolution on issues arising from the application of provisions of the Acts and Rules as may be referred to by the Local Self Government Department.
  4. To conduct studies on decentralization processes through devolution of powers, initiatives of Local Government from Kerala, or outside Kerala and to document the best practices in Local Governance and its sharing;
  5. To submit a documentation report on the entire 2nd phase People’s Plan Campaign along with recommendations for further strengthening of the decentralization process in Kerala;
  6. To continue to provide immediate expert opinion on the files received from the Local Self Government Department through its Senior Consultants.  The Commission is also to analyse and document the files to make suggestions for necessary policy intervention by Local Self Government Department.

The Local Government Commission will be free in widening and deepening the scope of its work as required.
•          Conduct studies on different aspects of Local Government functioning.
•          Organize consultative workshops with practitioners and experts from within and outside the State.
•          Visit other states to learn best practices.
•          Get to know international experience from UN Agencies,  World Bank, ADB etc.
•          Access appropriate knowledge from literature using services of institutions like KILA, Centre for development Studies, Centre for Management Development, MIRD etc.
•          The Commission is given a period of 3 years to complete its work in full.
The Local Government Commission shall be free to decide on the following.

  1. Performing visits to places and institutions in the country.
  2. Seeking the services of experts and institutions to conduct studies.
  3. Hold Workshops.
  4. Requesting departments to provide reports.
  5. Setting up task forces of officials/Committee.
Name Designation
Dr.C.P.Vinod Chairman‍
Dr.N Ramakanthan Member‍
T.K Jose ,IAS Member Secretary
John Sing James Consultant
M.Vijayakumaran Nair ‍ Consultant
K.Devarajan Consultant